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Essential Saltwater Fishing Gear
about 1 year ago

Saltwater fishing gear fishing is an excellent way of relaxing and spending quality time with your family and friends on weekends. To make sure that you make the most out of it, you must have the right fishing equipment depending on the type of water that you are going to visit.

Fishing Rod

  • The fishing rod is the main stick where the hook and the bait are attached. They have different thickness, flexibility, and length that range from 2 feet to 20 feet long. The fishing rod is the main equipment that absorbs the shock during fishing. This shock is commonly caused by the weight and the resistance of the fish you are trying to catch.
  • A fishing rod composes of a wire loop that holds the hook and allows you to rotate it back to your boat, a grip where you hold the entire rod which is commonly made out of EVA foam or cork and a seat where the reel is attached with a screw.
  • It is subdivided into smaller groups that are determined by the purpose of the fishing rod. Spin casting rods are the most common types of the fishing rod. To use them, you often lure the bait back and forth until you have a good catch. Conventional spinning rods are used for catching bigger fishes and are heavier. The reason that they are heavier is so that the fish will not be able to take it away.

Surfcasting rods are used to catch large fishes. They are the heaviest and are often more than a dozen feet long. Because of their length and weight, they are often mounted on poles and are not best for casting. To keep up with the changes and to meet the demands for lighter, thinner, long and flexible equipment, the fly fishing rod is making its way t the consumer market.

Fishing Reel

  • Fishing reels are used to deploy and retrieve your fishing wires. They are commonly used for durable metal wires that allow you to catch large fishes without backlash and tangling.
  • Spinning reels are the most popular choices because they are easier to manage and they can work for medium weight fishes. This makes them suitable for beginners. However, most experienced fishers do not use this because of their tendencies of twisting the wires. Another kind is the spin cast reel.

Although they were primarily designed for freshwater fishing, you may find them helpful as a saltwater fishing equipment because they are not prone to tangles and twisting. Fly casting reels are often used for fly fishing rods. Because they are lighter, they are more efficient for storing the fish.


  • The bait can either be natural or artificial. However, natural baits are mostly preferred because of their smell that easily entices your prospect. If you are trying to catch the larger ones, live baits may do the trick.
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